In honor of Veterans who committed themselves to serving our country, VOTR returns the commitment. VOTR is dedicated to ending homelessness for veterans and their families through prevention, education, supportive services and advocacy. Veterans on the Rise provides supported structured transitional housing, case management, counseling, employment placement services, referrals and other supportive services to homeless veterans in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

This unique not for profit organization was established in 1999  by a group of veterans: Alfred Burley, Steve Middleton, Jay Chambers and Phillip Spencer. These veterans recognized the need for a system of care for economically displaced, disadvantaged and disabled veterans. Veterans on the Rise provides housing and case management program services to individuals and families who might otherwise face homelessness or prolonged hospital and nursing home stays because they may be ill, and VOTR Transitional Homeunable to find accessible and affordable housing.

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